If youmusic don’t live in America, then the most common types of music you will hear would likely be hip-hop, rap, or rock and the stars of those genres can be household names. Even for many people that do live in America, those particular genres are among the most popular of all and even they might be unlikely to listen to one of America’s, and the world’s most popular music genres of all. It could be easy to forget that one of the most popular genres of all doesn’t even exist, but the reality is that it is going strong, albeit in quite a specific part of the world.

While we might just remember some old favourites like Dolly Parton and Kenny Rodgers, along with the occasional hit that reaches our charts, Country and Western is far from mainstream in much of the world. Head to America’s Southern states however and that all changes significantly as the genre is perhaps the most listened to of all. Concerts held in enormous venues often sell out and vast numbers of records are sold all the time, in the home of Country and Western music, it is everywhere you turn. It is also a home that has a very large number of residents.

Some Famous Names.

As already mentioned, Dolly Parton and Kenny Rodgers are well known names from the Country and Western scene, but there are a few others that might surprise you. Taylor Swift, now better known as a pop artist, started out as a Country and Western star. Shania Twain helped to bring Country music a little more into the mainstream with her modern tunes that still maintained the feeling of Country music. Some famous names moved the other way, moving from their original genre into Country music. Perhaps the most famous of all being the legendary Tom Jones, with the Welshman releasing a string of country hits.

As well as the great music that comes from the world of country music, it has also given us some great dances and other popular fads. Line-dancing in particular became popular in the UK and the rest of Europe and helped to increase exposure and popularity of the genre outside of the Southern American states.