Working for a long time

One of the girls I used to work with at London escorts left to work in London as a paralegal. She had done a lot of legal training in London after she finished working for London escorts. Her dream was always to work for a large international law firm, and I guess to her it must have seemed very romantic, but I am not sure how she is getting on in New York, she seems to be working a lot of hours. It also sounds like working in New York is a bit of a struggle.


The hours that my friend works in New York are amazing. During the week she is often in the office from 7 am to 9 pm. It makes me wonder how she can actually concentrate on what she is doing. It must make you very tired to work all of those hours. I know that law firms try to make sure that they bill out as many hours as possible, but how do the employees keep up. If I worked such long hours at London escorts, it would just kill me.


Next year she I going to finish her law degree in the US. After she has done that, she is free to work all over the world. When we last spoke on the phone, she told me how much money that she was going to be earning, and I was a bit surprised. I would have thought that she would have been earning a lot more than that when you consider the amount of effort she has put into her law degree. Here at London escorts, I earn more or less the same money as she will be doing when she first qualifies.



Do we forget how much money and time we spend on our education? Looking at my friends legal career, I think that she may have forgotten about that. While she has been studying and working hard at the same time, I have been able to buy my own flat thanks to all of the work I have done at London escorts. Sure, it is okay to have a title, but at the end of the day I am not sure that my friends is going to have much else to show for it when it comes to her life. She is going to have to work hard to get the things that she wants in life.


Would I leave London escorts to start a career or to study? When I first joined London escorts, I thought that I was only going to save up enough money to study to get a degree and then move on. But I have thought twice about since I joined the escort agency in London. I think that I am much better of working for the escort agency, and then enjoying the rest of my life. It would cost me a lot of money to go back to school, and after a long course, I am not sure that I would actually get a very good return on my investment. I wonder if my friend is going to wake up and face facts one day.



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