Whenever someone asks me what good sex is I always think about the American TV series Sex and the City

Who can really say what good sex is, or what it should be for that matter says South London Escorts. I have worked for South London escorts for such a long time that I know we all have different ideas when it comes to good sex. When I speak to my gents at South London escorts, I know that they all have a different idea of what they consider being good sex.   My friends are the same as the gents that I meet at South London escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/south-london-escorts. They also have a hard time defining what good sex really means. Some of my friends are really into adventurous sex and some are really into regular sex. Like I say to my gents at South London escorts, good sex does not mean porn star sex. To some people it may be the only kind of sex that they are after but I am not sure that you always need porn star sex.   As a matter of fact, I think that we all need different types of sex. Sometimes when I have a day off from South London escorts, I like to go to a Swingers party. It gives me something that I may not get with my boyfriend. He understands and he is happy for me to go to the parties. But, he also knows that I like romantic sex if you like. When I come off the night shift from South London escorts, I like to come home to some romantic sex.   I also think that your idea of good sex changes as you go through life. My senior gents at South London escorts seem to have a totally different idea when I speak to them. Yes, they like to make love as they say. When they were younger, many of them enjoyed porn star sex, but it has changed as they have gone through life. Many of my younger dates at South London escorts still seem to prefer to have porn star sex, or really vigorous sex sessions with their partners. I am sure that it will change one day.   Should we seek good sex? Seeking out good sex may not be that easy. If you are looking for good sex, it may be a better idea to concentrate on sensuality instead. That is probably tens times better and I think it will actually eventually lead to good sex. I as not that much into sensuality. It is something that my boy friend has taught me. Now I feel really good when we have sex. We are never in a rush and I think it has made me look in a slightly different way at sex. Sexy sex is nice, but sensual sex is even nicer. But you need to take your time, you should never try to rush good sex. When you do that, things go wrong and you end up not enjoying the experience so much. Tell you what, sex is a real minefield.

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