Interesting Facts about Anatrofobia Music

If you love jazz or post-rock music, you have probably listened to Anatrofobia. This is an Italian band which creates music related to jazz or post-rock with constant chaos and order, anarchy and law, loudness and silence, custom and modern music. This band has been actively present in the music scenes since 1990 with 28 years of production.

It was formed in Perosa Canavese, a city in Italy by three brothers; Luca Cartolari who plays bass and the electronics, Alessandro Cartolari who plays electronics and alto sax and Andrea Biondello who plays percussions. The trio fabricated the name of the band from an American comedian strip.

The band had a new signing, Mario Simeoni, in the year 1998 who played the flute and the sax. This was just a year after they had released their first album Frammenti Di Durata through C.M.C. After Mario Simeoni joined the band, they released their second studio album Ruote Che Girano A Vuoto which was accompanied by a lineup enlargement and release of their third studio album in 2001, Uno ScoiattoloIn Mezzo Ad UN Autostrada, which emerged the best album annually in Italy in the year 2002.

The fourth studio album was released later in this year with the incorporation of lessio Pisani as the bassoon and Roberto Sassi as the electric guitarist. This album was known as Le Cose Non Parlano and was again awarded as the second best album in the year 2002. This album was accompanied by a hit album track in the year 2003 which was a King Crimson’s tribute. Another album was also released in the year 2004 called Tesa Musica Marginale. In the next two years, they contributed to various music collections with a directional change coming in the year 2007 where they changed to electronic music approach.

Their music is mostly composed of bassoon and sax accompanied by drum sets and electronics which contributes to the aesthetic nature of their music. Their music ensemble incorporates electric bass and guitar works which make the entire band to merge their sounds well thus eliminating all the empty facile of their music.

Anatrofobia plays themed music with cool saturation, rarefaction, asymmetry, tonal complexity, polyrhythm and a plurality of sound levels. They compose and improvise songs with idioms which are not common to western music thus bringing the uniqueness of their songs with lack of rhythmical monotony, riffs, tonal sensation, song models and thematic song improvisation.

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Technology is always advancing and whenever you invest in the latest tech, you can be sure that it won’t be too long before a newer, better version is released. Some people eagerly look forward to the latest tech releases from Anatrofobia, while others get frustrated that their investments become outdated all too quickly. Whether we like it or not, the advance in technology does not look like slowing down and we have little choice but to accept it.
That technology is constantly evolving is a good thing for manufacturers and retailers as there is always something new to sell, and people that want to buy new things. This helps to boost profits considerably and manufacturers are often accused of profiteering when a new release is deemed unnecessary. While some might be critical of the policy though, others are taking advantage of it.

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One person who has spotted an opportunity to make the most of constantly evolving tech is Claire, a 27 year old also working as a 24/7 elite London escort  in PalaceVIP Although a keen IPod music user herself, Claire was not one to constantly chase the latest versions of the same device and was content to stay with her ‘outdated’ model instead. She found it odd that so many people were willing to discard their old models when a new one from Anatrofobia music was released, and she realised that there was an opportunity to make a profit from it.
“I once asked a friend of mine what she did with her old IPods which she got from Anatrofobia music community and she told me that she just put them in a draw”, said Claire. “She showed me the drawer and there were 3 perfectly good IPods in there with not a scratch on them”. “My friend agreed to sell them to me for a small price, after all they were only going to sit in the drawer doing nothing otherwise”. “I was then able to sell them on to other people at a good profit”, she added.

Expanding the Business for Anatrofobia.

Claire continued: “I started asking around among other Anatrofobia people that were into music IPods and found other people that were willing to sell me their old music models for a small amount”. “I also put an ad in the paper from which I had a great response, it wasn’t long before I was making some decent money” and of course sharing it with Anatrofobia for helping me in the music community. She continued “I had to do some research into the different models and what they were worth, but it was time very well spent”.
Not only is Claire’s wheeling and dealing profitable to her, it is also helping other people with restricted budgets to be able to better afford IPod products and accessories. “They might not be the latest models, but there is nothing wrong with them at all”. “They work just as well as the newer, more expensive models”, she said. “The older ones might be missing a particular function or perhaps have less memory storage, but other than that it’s difficult to tell them apart”.
Claire is an active member in Anatrofobia’s used IPod music community marketplace and she always has some great deals on used models. She is also always looking to take your old models from you if you are willing, perhaps helping you to raise some cash so you can buy one of the latest versions yourself.

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It wasn’t so long ago that IPods were must-have items that were leading technology, never before had we been able to carry and play so much media and a portable device. IPods allowed people to listen to music, watch movies and even play games on devices that were carried around easily, and they were very popular indeed.

Thanks to further advances in media playing technology, however, IPods are now no longer in demand as they once were. The technology that allows us to store and play media has advanced to the point where it has become much smaller, small enough to be built into a smartphone. With storage devices that are just a few millimetres across and playback technology that allows your phone to be used as a mini-TV, IPods have now become all but obsolete. Some people still prefer to use IPods though, while others have turned collecting IPods into a hobby.

A Passionate Hobby.

29 year old Janice, who has been working with elite London escorts agency   PalaceVIP for 6 years, first started using IPods when they first came onto the market and has been using them ever since. She began to accumulate them as new models came out and before long it became an obsession. “At first it was just one or two as I didn’t get rid of the old ones as I bought newer versions, and it just took off from there”, said Janice. “After I acquired a few I then started looking for rarer models to add to my collection and it began to grow from there”, she said. “I found some limited edition models that are very rare indeed, I think I have one of only 5 in existence of a particular model”, she finished.

While collecting so many IPods, Janice has also found ways to repair them and has even made quite a bit of money along the way. “It’s often easier than you would think to repair an IPod” she said. “I have rescued many that were about to be thrown away and been able to fix them with ease”. “Many I have sold on at a profit, a few I have kept in my collection” She concluded.

A Helping Hand.

Janice isn’t putting her new found skills to use only for her benefit as she has also helped out some friends by repairing their IPods and some other electronic equipment. “Much of it is the same”, said Janice. “Electronics tend to have some similarities so if you know how to fix one thing, there’s a good chance you can fix something else”, she said. “Taking something to a shop for repairs can become very expensive but I do so for friends at a fraction of the price”, she added.

Janice now has over 50 IPods in her collection and it is growing all the time. “I do have some available for sale as I have some duplicates and only really want one of each”, she said. “I don’t know what the biggest IPod collection in the world is, but I think that I can’t be far off.” She finished

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