Young For Your Life

Are you dating a man who behaves like a spoiled child? In that case he may just be suffering from Peter Pan syndrome. Before I became involved with London escorts, I had never heard about Peter Pan syndrome. Men date London escorts for all sorts of reasons. However, it would be fair to say that many of the men I have met have a few personality quirks. Since I have been an escort, I have dated nerds who don’t know how to speak to girls, and Peter Pans who do not want to grow up.

Why do men end up suffering from Peter Pan syndrome? There are many reasons men may suffer from Peter Pan syndrome. It is not easy to say that it is caused by one particular factor. But, I would say that most of the men I have met up with at the best cheap escorts in London who suffer from Peter Pan syndrome seem to have controlling mothers. Many of them have been spoiled by their moms and don’t know how to look after themselves.

Another thing that many men with Peter Pan Syndrome have in common, is that they find it hard to make a decision. They always expect you to make a decision for them. This can manifest itself in different ways. I have been on London escorts booking with me who have taken an age to order something from the menu. It is really frustrating, you sort of feel you have to coax them along, a bit like a small child. I am sure many London escorts have found themselves in this situation.

What about that man who seems to have all of the toys under the sun? Men do like to have hobbies, but a man who jumps from hobby to hobby without finding the right hobby for him may indeed be suffering from Peter Pan syndrome. I have dated men at London escorts who have been into anything from flying airplanes to driving very expensive sports cars. In other words, it is all about fun and refusing to grow up.

Do men who suffer from Peter Pan syndrome make good partners? The answer to that question is no. If you come across a man who you think suffer from Peter Pan syndrome, it may be a good idea to tell him to date London escorts instead. A man with Peter Pan syndrome is not very likely to make a good partner as he probably will not ever grow up. Michael Jackson was a perfect example of a man who suffered from Peter Pan syndrome. As we all know, he had a huge range of personal problems and never seemed to be really happy. It is not one of those conditions that you can cure with the help of drugs or therapy. Once you have it, it seems that you are doomed to be stuck in your little bubble for the rest of your life. A relationship with Peter Pan is always best avoided.

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