The London Escorts with an IPod Fetish

It wasn’t so long ago that IPods were must-have items that were leading technology, never before had we been able to carry and play so much media and a portable device. IPods allowed people to listen to music, watch movies and even play games on devices that were carried around easily, and they were very popular indeed.

Thanks to further advances in media playing technology, however, IPods are now no longer in demand as they once were. The technology that allows us to store and play media has advanced to the point where it has become much smaller, small enough to be built into a smartphone. With storage devices that are just a few millimetres across and playback technology that allows your phone to be used as a mini-TV, IPods have now become all but obsolete. Some people still prefer to use IPods though, while others have turned collecting IPods into a hobby.

A Passionate Hobby.

29 year old Janice, who has been working with elite London escorts agency   PalaceVIP for 6 years, first started using IPods when they first came onto the market and has been using them ever since. She began to accumulate them as new models came out and before long it became an obsession. “At first it was just one or two as I didn’t get rid of the old ones as I bought newer versions, and it just took off from there”, said Janice. “After I acquired a few I then started looking for rarer models to add to my collection and it began to grow from there”, she said. “I found some limited edition models that are very rare indeed, I think I have one of only 5 in existence of a particular model”, she finished.

While collecting so many IPods, Janice has also found ways to repair them and has even made quite a bit of money along the way. “It’s often easier than you would think to repair an IPod” she said. “I have rescued many that were about to be thrown away and been able to fix them with ease”. “Many I have sold on at a profit, a few I have kept in my collection” She concluded.

A Helping Hand.

Janice isn’t putting her new found skills to use only for her benefit as she has also helped out some friends by repairing their IPods and some other electronic equipment. “Much of it is the same”, said Janice. “Electronics tend to have some similarities so if you know how to fix one thing, there’s a good chance you can fix something else”, she said. “Taking something to a shop for repairs can become very expensive but I do so for friends at a fraction of the price”, she added.

Janice now has over 50 IPods in her collection and it is growing all the time. “I do have some available for sale as I have some duplicates and only really want one of each”, she said. “I don’t know what the biggest IPod collection in the world is, but I think that I can’t be far off.” She finished

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