Interesting Facts about Anatrofobia Music

If you love jazz or post-rock music, you have probably listened to Anatrofobia. This is an Italian band which creates music related to jazz or post-rock with constant chaos and order, anarchy and law, loudness and silence, custom and modern music. This band has been actively present in the music scenes since 1990 with 28 years of production.

It was formed in Perosa Canavese, a city in Italy by three brothers; Luca Cartolari who plays bass and the electronics, Alessandro Cartolari who plays electronics and alto sax and Andrea Biondello who plays percussions. The trio fabricated the name of the band from an American comedian strip.

The band had a new signing, Mario Simeoni, in the year 1998 who played the flute and the sax. This was just a year after they had released their first album Frammenti Di Durata through C.M.C. After Mario Simeoni joined the band, they released their second studio album Ruote Che Girano A Vuoto which was accompanied by a lineup enlargement and release of their third studio album in 2001, Uno ScoiattoloIn Mezzo Ad UN Autostrada, which emerged the best album annually in Italy in the year 2002.

The fourth studio album was released later in this year with the incorporation of lessio Pisani as the bassoon and Roberto Sassi as the electric guitarist. This album was known as Le Cose Non Parlano and was again awarded as the second best album in the year 2002. This album was accompanied by a hit album track in the year 2003 which was a King Crimson’s tribute. Another album was also released in the year 2004 called Tesa Musica Marginale. In the next two years, they contributed to various music collections with a directional change coming in the year 2007 where they changed to electronic music approach.

Their music is mostly composed of bassoon and sax accompanied by drum sets and electronics which contributes to the aesthetic nature of their music. Their music ensemble incorporates electric bass and guitar works which make the entire band to merge their sounds well thus eliminating all the empty facile of their music.

Anatrofobia plays themed music with cool saturation, rarefaction, asymmetry, tonal complexity, polyrhythm and a plurality of sound levels. They compose and improvise songs with idioms which are not common to western music thus bringing the uniqueness of their songs with lack of rhythmical monotony, riffs, tonal sensation, song models and thematic song improvisation.